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Bottled Bird’s Nest

ZTP’s bottled Bird’s Nest is produced under ISO 22000 quality standards. It is capped using vapour vacuum sealing, followed by sterilising at high pressure and temperature. It contains no preservatives, stabilisers and colouring.

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Exclusive Little Swallow Bird's Nest 30g x 8
Box (30gx8) S$78.00
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Premium Ginseng Bird's Nest With Rock Sugar (Less Sugar) 250g
Bot (250g) S$42.00
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Golden Silk Bird's Nest With Collagen 150g
Bot (150g) S$38.00
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Special Grade Ginseng Bird's Nest 150g
Bot (150g) S$24.00
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Special Grade Bird's Nest W Rock Sugar 150g
Bot (150g) S$22.00
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Golden Silk Concentrated Bird's Nest 150g
Bot (150g) S$88.00
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Premium Ginseng Bird's Nest (Less Sugar) 75g x 6
Box (75g x 6) S$58.00
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Showing 12 of 17 Results