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Basic Confinement Package

With over two decades of experience in the TCM, ZTP has all of the necessary herbal soup packs and herbs to help new mum recover from childbirth.

Here is the basic confinement package list for your reference. You can follow this list to add items to your cart or you can also purchase based on your needs.

Basic package

Confinement Herbal Soups

Red Dates Tea

Herbal Bath

2 × Si Shen Tang Soup Pack

15 × Red Seedless Dates Pack

28 × Dai Fong Ai Herbal Bath

2 × Liu Wei Tang Soup Pack

6 × Dried Longan Pack


4 × Chicken Soup Pack

4 × Dang Shen (4) Segment Pack


6 × Du Zhong Tang Soup Pack

6 × Black Dates Pack


3 × Ba Zhen Tang Soup Pack



3 × Shi Quan Tang Soup Pack



3 × American Ginseng Chicken Soup Pack



5 × Ginseng Chicken Soup Pack



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Dang Shen (4) Segment
Pkt (250g) S$18.00
Member Discount Extra: 5%
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Pao Shen Dun Ji Tang
Box S$8.00
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Liu Wei Tang
Box S$4.50
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Si Shen Tang
Box S$3.50
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Ba Zhen Tang
Box S$4.50
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Showing 5 of 5 Results