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Bird’s Nest Soup With Cordyceps & Gouji

Recipe Information
Serving: 2 Persons

Helps to nourish lung, support respiratory system . Especially good for elderly.


  • ZTP Bird’s Nest – 2 pcs (10g)
  • Cordyceps – 2pcs (0.5g)
  • Wolfberries (Gouji)– 1.2g
  • Rock Sugar – 50g (varies according your preferred sweetness)
  • Water – 2 bowls (or enough to cover all ingredients)


  1. Soak bird's nest in water for 1 or 2 hours.
  2. Prepare a double boiler by filling the external pot with water till it reaches half the height of the internal pot.
  3. Place all ingredients except wolfberries (Gou Qi Zi) into the internal pot. Add in 2 bowls of water and simmer for 45 minutes
  4. Add in wolfberries (Gouji) and rock sugar 15 minutes before turning off the fire.
  5. Serve warm or chilled.

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