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Long Ya Imperial Bird's Nest 30g

Box (30g)


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Bird's Nest is used as a restorative and remedial food. It is prized for its rich nutrient content and high glycoprotein value. Regular consumption can help promote overall immunity, maintain youthfulness, enhances the complexion and maintain good lung health. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Net Weight: 30g


Long Ya Imperial Bird's Nest

How to Use


  1. Soak bird's nest in cold boiled water for 1-2 hours, pour away the water after cleaning. And place the bird’s nest in the double-boiler.
  2. Add water to the double-boiler.  One bowl of water for one piece of bird's nest.
  3. Double-boiled in moderate amount of water for 1 hour over small flame.
  4. Depend on individual preference, you can add wolf berries, red dates, dried longan, ginseng or cordyceps during double-boiling.
  5. Add rock sugar and cook for another 5 minutes, until rock sugar dissolves completely.

**Alternatively, you may use a slow cooker instead of a double-boiler.

Storage: Keep in a cool & dry place.

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